All carers are dedicated professionals with a great love of cats. Most have either long term working experience with cats and/or professional education in animal care.

You and your cat will be assigned your own dedicated carer and you will have a meeting with him/her before start of care. In the meeting you can ask any questions you might have and your cat will have a chance to say hello to his/her new best friend ;-) For more information about each of our carers click on his/her name below:








Barbara Esposito working as a Cat Sitter for Cat Care London in November 2004 and has previousle worked as a Animal Nurse

She offeres Cat Sitting in North London EN1, Enfield, N9, Lower Edmundton, Bush Hill Park and surrounding areas



I have lived in North London for most of my life around the areas of Muswell Hill and Potters Bar, but since the early 90’s I have lived in Palmers Green and have now moved to Bush Hill Park with my two teenage children.

Whilst growing up we always had many pets, mainly cats they have always been a big part of my life.

For five years I was an animal nurse at the RSPCA Hospital in Holloway (made famous by Rolf Harris) and I also worked in a veterinary practice in Devon. I then worked as a police officer for thirteen years.

Since leaving the police I have often looked after friends cats and had them staying with us when they are on holiday.









Caroline Croft started as a Cat Sitter with Car Care London in Sep 2014 and is also a Reiki practisioner for animals and humans.

She offers Cat Sitting in the North London, N19 and surrounding areas

I was brought up in an animal loving home with my mother rescuing a number of animals. Some of them we were able to keep and others were re-homed.  I loved and still do love having animals around me and feel a strong affinity with them.

Some of the animals we had were Rabbits, Hamsters, Dogs, Cats and Guinea Pigs.  I also spent most of my teenage years at a private stables helping out with the general care of the Horses, riding them and even looking after them when the owners went away on holiday. 

I have lived in London for 7 years but originate from Suffolk.  In my adult years I have travelled and lived in a number of different parts of this country and abroad and I have always had the privilege of animals in my life.  I recall being at a camp site when I was in New Mexico and we found some kittens that had seemingly been dumped there.

I was able to rescue one of them and took a male kitten to my Aunt’s home who lived permanently out there. I felt such a strong bond with him (Rainbow) and it was very sad to say goodbye when I came back to UK.  I now have two beautiful cats (Egor and Elfin) who I adore and feel an equally special but different bond with. They are such different personalities and I love having them around.

When I go on holiday I do miss them and am anxious that they are alright.  I myself have had carers from Cat Care London care for them it was so very reassuring for me after the first cat sitting when I saw photos of Elfin (who is extremely nervous of strangers) with the carer.

In 2001 I obtained a degree in Social Work and since this time have worked in the private and public sector with both older and disabled people. In July 2014 I left my full time position to follow my dream of working with animals and to develop a Reiki practice for animals and humans.

If you wish to find out more you could take a look at the following:




Cathy Jeffrey started as a Cat Sitter with Car Care London in July 2009 and is also a Metamorphic Technique practitioner.

She offers Cat Sitting in North London, N8, Crouch End, Hornsey, Turnpike Lane, Stroud Green & N6, Highgate and surrounding areas

I grew up with many pets, such as guinea pigs, hamsters and budgies, but we always had at least one cat. I love all animals, but cats do have a special place in my heart. I enjoy finding out what makes them tick, giving them the special attention they need and creating a peaceful atmosphere around them. I admire their elegance and acute intelligence. Above all, I have great respect for cats – I understand why the Egyptians worshipped them!

My background is that I have an English degree, and have experienced a wide range of professions, including: support worker to a boy with special needs, reader for short story competitions and gardener.

Now I mostly divide my time between taking care of cats and working from home as a practitioner of the Metamorphic Technique. This complementary practice is a wonderful healing resource, suitable for animals as well as humans, and I use it if any cat in my care needs this kind of support. It has proved very successful in helping nervous or ill-treated cats learn how to relax.

You can read more about the Metamorphic Technique on the official website www.metamorphicassociation.org.uk and if you have any further questions or think that you or your pet could benefit from healing please just let me know.




Cathy Delacy
Started October 2014

She offers Cat Sitting in North London, N19 Holloway  and surrounding areas

"I landed in North London from Australia in 2000 and it has been my home ever since.

I come from a long line of animal lovers and cat owners, and have had two cats of my own: Penny (a Tricolour) in Australia, and Jack (British Longhair) here (pictured selfie-style below).

I have also been a magnet for stray cats since I was very young, and I currently cat sit for my neighbour. So you could say my experience has been varied.

I have dealt with the good and the bad, from feeding, brushing, playing, worming and medicating (orally), to furballs, dealing with illness and a couple of crisis situations.

I get a lot of contentment and joy from cats, as even when they're being grumpy (like my current boy), they make me giggle. I also find a good cat cuddle a great way to relieve stress, although having a 5kg boy sit on your forearms while typing can be quite the challenge! 

Nearly every house in my street has a cat and I like to chat to them all when I'm out and about (what must people think!), and look forward to meeting some more with Cat Care London."





Chantelle Moore
Started June 2011

She offers Cat Sitting in North London, N9 Edmondton, N21 Winchmore Hil  and surrounding areas

I have been an owner and lover of cats from a very young age. When growing up, we always had cats, at one point we had seven!

Taking care of cats has always been part of my daily routine; from feeding to cleaning, brushing, playing and of course lots of cuddles!

I have always found cats a very calming and joyous presence to be around. I feel that they really do become a part of the family and have always cherished my cats.

All of our cats have lived between 18-21 years and I feel this is down to my family’s quality of care and love.

As well as taking care of my own cats, I have also been responsible for many of my friends and family’s cats when they have been on holiday and have always really enjoyed doing this.







Charlie Andersen (Managing Director) I started working as a Cat Sitter in 2002

I am based in E1W, Wapping

Since the age of 6 I have owned a variety of pet's including - fish, guinea pigs, rabbit, canary birds, cat and dog and have also always been happy to help friends and family with looking after their pets over weekends and holidays, giving me a great appreciation of the responsibility involved with looking after other peoples pets.

After many years of toying with my dream of working with animals I finally resigned from my city job in 2002. Although having had many years experience of caring for my own and friends pets I still felt the need to gain experience in the pet care industry and therefore trained in a grooming shop for 7 months before going ahead and setting up on my own.

A lot of hard work and long hours but it is all well worth it and I am very lucky to have an awesome support network of family, friends and colleagues all over the pet industry.

It was with this in mind and because I believe the pet sitting industry often leaves a lot to be desired in terms of professionalism, care and safety, I decided to take up the career of pet carer.

I want to help others feel happy and safe in the knowledge that their beloved pet is looked after with all the love and attention it deserves and my reward; I get to spend all my time with wonderful furry friends it just doesn't’t get any better than that!




Charlotte Pearce started as a Cat Sitter with Cat Care London in March 2015 and is also works as a Graphic Designer.

Charlotte offers Cat Sitting in North London, NW3 HampsteadNW6, NW1 Primrose Hill, NW5 Kentish Town and surrounding areass

I was brought up in the countryside on a costal family farm but have been living in London since I moved here to study. In the countryside we had animals everywhere, birds, dogs, horses, cows, sheep, goats I even had some snails at one point! But my favourite animals have always been cats, I just love them and I don't know why, I think perhaps we are kindred spirits.

I have been lucky enough to always be in the company of cats, I currently live with Levi, she is beautiful and such a handful, she's wonderfully demanding and really is the most affectionate cat I have ever met.

I came to London with my boyfriend Joel to study art and completed my degree in Graphic Design and have been working as a designer in London for the past 13 years.

I do really miss the coast but I have been living in Hampstead for the past 5 years and it's a little piece of paradise in the city, I feel very lucky to have that.

Apart from my love of animals and art I'm really interested in gardening and plants, I also love to travel and I know how important it is that someone is taking care of your beloved while you are away.








Claudio Burgos
Started February 2007

Areas Covered for Cat Sitting SW19 / SW18, Southfields

I have been in London since 2005 after spending most of my life in Panama.I grew up having cats at home.

Currently, we have 3 Persian cats back home who I miss loads. 

In London due to limited house space, unfortunately I do not have cats, instead I look after my friend’s cats when they go on holidays or pet the cats in the streets.

I couldn’t believe myself when I was accepted at Cat Care London. Just the thought of cat sitting is FANTASTIC. 

About myself, I can say that I’m very honest, responsible, reliable and absolutely adore cats.








Started March 2016

He offers Cat Sitting in the North London, N20   Friern Barnet and WC2 West End and surrounding areas

"I was born in London and have been here all of my life. I work in the West End in the evenings but I have recently wanted to curb the urge of being surrounded by animals.

I have lived with cats, dogs, hamsters and a snake so I have a wide experience. Sadly, due to most rented property in London not allowing pets I am unable at the moment I currently am not able to have a pet right now. So, my solution is to spend quality time with other peoples pets and give them the attention I cannot give elsewhere.

Having lived with many cats throughout my life, it is great to have the chance to meet our feline friends. What I love about cats is the difference in personality you can see in them. So I look forward to meeting more along this journey."








Gisele Breder
Started September 2015

She offers Cat Sitting in the North London, N6   and surrounding areas

   I absolutely adore animals. Since I was a child I have always had pets: cats, dogs, birds, turtles, fish, a bunny, a chinchilla, a rooster and even a spider! I do believe animals are amazing lovely creatures.

   Since I moved to London, 10 years ago, I could not have a pet as I rent a place and usually the landlords do not allow it. I miss so much having contact with animals that whenever possible I pet-sit for friends.

   I am a lecturer in languages and full of energy. I have some free time in my hands that I would love to use to look after dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, reptiles or any animal really!

   As animals and languages have always been my passions, I am now studying about animal communication and being fascinated by it!

   I know how important it is to feel that your beloved pets are being looked after in the best way possible, with all the love, attention, care and responsibility and that is what I love to provide: your peace of mind and your pets' best companion!








Helen Moreton started as a Cat Sitter with Cat Care London in June 2009 and is currently studying to become a Cat Behaviourist.

Helen offers Cat Sitting in North London,N1, Islington, Barnsbury, Canonbury, E8, Hackney, Dalston, Kingland and surrounding areas

Animals have always been important to me: my first word was zoo!  I’ve always spent lots of time watching wildlife, have learnt to ride, nursed sick and orphaned wild birds and of course socialized with as many dogs and cats as possible. As a kid we lived by a small lake and had lots of pets, including guinea pigs, gerbils and ducks, which I used to round up and bring in for the night using a canoe.

When I moved to London I adopted two gorgeous part Havana, part Persian kittens.  I had many happy years of stuff getting knocked over and ripped up, play chases across the bed at 3 am… all the usual oriental stuff!  Sadly Bea was pts due to kidney and thyroid disease last year at the age of 17.  I still miss her so much.  Lizzie was pts at the age of 19 and was partially sighted in the end she also had heart, kidney and thyroid problems. 

With all that I have a lot of practice giving medication!  I believe you have to be positive and flexible about it, try and make it enjoyable for them, and learn what works best for each individual.

I’ve worked as a volunteer in a children’s hospital play centre and as a domestic in old peoples homes.  I also work from home writing for a website and keep fit training for and running marathons for charity.

I love to spend some time caring for yours, whether they are young tearaways or lovely oldies.







Johanne Bertaux started working as a cat sitter with Cat Care London in January 2016

She lives in the De Beauvoir area and offers cat visiting and house sitting in Hackney, Islington N1, Camden and Central London.


"I have adored cats for as long as I can remember. Back home in Corsica, there are many cats in my village roaming free, so I grew up every summer surrounded by cats, and have many friends or family members who own cats.

In 2012, when I spent some time in Corsica, I adopted a rescue kitten, Sasha, a gorgeous ginger Maine Coon, that I had found in the dumpster!

The poor thing had conjunctivitis, fleas and was very malnourished, and my mother and me nursed him back to health, litter trained him and cared for him until he grew into a lively little guy.

Since moving to London in 2005, I have always yearned for my own cat. Two years ago, when I came back after some time travelling, I settled into my own flat and was lucky enough to adopt two moggy cats from their owner Jack, when his girlfriend Anne, who is allergic to cats, moved in with him.

Alvy and Annie are brother and sister, black and white and all black, and they are the most chilled and loving cats I have ever come across! I don’t think life would be quite the same without them.”








Karen & Rick Juffermans started as a Cat Sitter with Cat Care London in March 2014

They offer Cat Sitting in East London, E1w, Shadwell, Limehouse, Wapping, E1 Stepneh, White Chappel, E3 Victoria Park, Mile End, Bow and surrounding areas

Growing up we always had animals around, from horses, sheep and chickens to cats, dogs and rabbits. My parents made sure that my younger brother and sister and me always helped take care of the animals. They taught us how to treat animals and about each animal’s specific needs. Cats especially have their unique ways and can be very independent. Ever since I was a child I have been absolutely fascinated by this.

And I am certainly not the only cat lover in my family. Another great influence was my grandmother. She had cats all her life and absolutely loved them. She taught me all she knew about cats and I think I get my cat caring instincts from her.

When I went to university I no longer had pets of my own, as it was not a very suitable environment for them. At that time, I started taking care of friends’ or relatives’ pets when they were on holiday and took care of them and loved them as if they were my own!

Since becoming a Cat Carer I’ve learned even more about cats and I absolutely love all of my clients’ cats. I really enjoy getting to know them and finding out more about their characters, from playing fetch or chasing the laser pointer to cuddling and brushing.

My husband Rick loves cats as much as I do. I always tell him about the cats I take care of and show him the pictures. He’s become so enthusiastic that he decided to become a Cat Carer as well. You can rest assured that we will take very good care of your cats whenever you are away from home!










Lesley Borzoni
Started December 2012

Areas Covered:
Hackney E5, and surrounding areas

I have lived in London most of my life, and I believe that I understand many of the special problems of pet owners in an urban environment. 

I have always been in contact with animals, large and small.  As a child we had a big garden, and I was always on the lookout for injured birds, stray cats, hedgehogs, grass snakes, and as many waifs and strays as my long suffering parents could tolerate. We kept rabbits; my mother bred Siamese cats, and we had a delightful “bitsa” dog for several years.  My great love during my teenage years were horses and donkeys, but university put a hold on my keeping animals for a few years, although I still pet sat for other people.  

I finally ended up in Hackney, where I have lived for some 35 years, and needless to say, I had to have contact with animals.  I looked after school pets during the summer holidays, fed and wintered several strays, inherited a lame budgie called Claudius; and finally was adopted by a gorgeous white cat who lived with us for 18 years, followed by 2 of the most endearing ginger toms you have ever met.

One of the most important things I found was that when I was away I worried more about them than anything else, and that was where this company came into its own, with caring, compassionate and very professional carers, who I knew I could trust. They inspired me to want to support other pet owners, and I promise that I will care for all your precious pets as if they were my own.






Luli & Richard Paterson started working as Cat Sitters in December 2011

Areas Covered:
Palmers Green N13 and surrounding areas

I have always had a cat or a dog for as long as I can remember.  I have so many stories about how every single pet came into my life, sometimes I adopted them sometimes they adopted me! 

I have a degree in Social Media and Journalism and I have also trained as a Language Teacher. I work at London Metropolitan University as a Spanish lecturer and Languages Consultant.  I love my job but what I’m really passionate about the most, is animals.

I always look after my neighbours’ and friends’ cats when they are away and this is something that gives me great pleasure.

I live in Palmers Green, North London with my husband Richard who is also a big cat lover.  Richard is a linguist and works for the University of Westminster. 

He loves cycling, watching sports and listening to Planet Rock.  In my free time I practice Yoga and I love going to the cinema, and gardening. What do we have in common? The love for cats :)  This is our beloved cat, ‘Biscuit’.






Pauline Fautrat
Started April 2013

Areas Covered: Archway and sourounding areas

I grew up in a farm in France, and we had a cat and a dog, that I adored.

I was 9 years old when we got our cat Pastel, and I took care of him immediately and for 13 beautiful years.

When I was studying in Paris, my flat was way too small to adopt a new cat.

So I waited patiently to have a job, a bigger apartment, and then 2 years ago I adopted Finn. He came with me to London and he loves it here! Probably as much as I do. 

I really enjoy taking care of cats, and I look forward to meeting with you.







Pia Waldthaler started working as a Cat Sitter with Cat Care London in July 2010

She offers Cat Sitting in North London EC1, Clerkenwell, Finsbury, Hoxton, Luke's, N1, Islington, Barnsbury, Canonbury and sourounding areas

After many years of dreaming of living in London my partner and I packed our things and moved here February 2009 and we absolutely love London. For 5 years and until we moved I worked in Milan in an Eating disorder rehab as a Dietitian.

I contacted Cat Care London because I have always loved animals! I enjoy horseback riding but enjoyed caring for horses as least as much as the riding itself. I have also had a hamster and guinea pigs and looked after friends cats.

I’m delighted that now am I able to make it possible for someone to have a pet even if they work or travel a lot knowing that there is someone lovingly caring for it.

My other hobbies and interests are cooking (I even have a cook book for dogs!), dancing and traveling.







Poppy Lowles started working as a Cat Sitter with Cat Care London in August 2015

She offers Cat Sitting in North London EC1, Clerkenwell, Finsbury, Hoxton, Luke's, N1, Islington, Barnsbury, Canonbury and sourounding areas


'I came to London in September 2015, to seek my fame and fortune and am working in a theatre and living in North London.

I grew up in South Wales and having lived in Wales most of my life on a small farm I found moving from being surrounded by animals beautiful and countryside to the noise and bustle of London a bit of a shock.

I've grown accustomed to having furry friends around including dogs, cats, horses and of course sheep.  Our family pets, included rabbits, gerbils, two ginger cats (twins) a horse and of course my dogs.

I miss having animal around me and know that, by helping others look after Cat Care London client’s cats I can help myself stay in touch with a part of me that London doesn't cater for. Bring on the purrs! '








Rebecca Rowntree started working as a Cat Sitter for Cat Care London in October 2014

She offers Cat Sitting in North London, Palmers Green N13 and surrounding areas

I grew up in Edinburgh and moved to London seventeen years ago.

As a child my family always kept cats but it wasn't until I gave up my job in financial services three years ago that we were able to adopt our own - Bruce and Isla.  

I'm so pleased to have become a cat carer - as a previous client myself I understand the anxiety of leaving your pets and the importance of finding someone reliable, and a genuine cat lover, to entrust their care.  

I cover the area of Palmers Green in North London having happily lived here for over ten years with my husband and small daughter, I enjoy looking after friend’s cats and look forward to meeting yours.









Rodney Taft & Shane started working as a Cat Sitter in October 2014

He offers Cat Sitting in North London,
N22, Harringay, West Green, N8 Hornsey, N4 Finsbury Park and surrounding areas

“Growing up on a farm, my family always had 2 cats, so for me a cat has always been a member of the family. Many of my memories include a feline friend, playing with string, stuck up a tree…bringing home presents that we didn’t really want!

I had the sunny room as a child, so having a cat curled on my bed was perfectly natural, and installed a great love of cats that I still have today.

So much so, I currently have three wonderful cats as well as many beautiful tropical fish. The cats enjoy watching the fish as much as I do, though possibly for different reasons! I spoil my little ones, and would be thrilled to be able to spoil yours!

I understand that every cat is different, and just like humans, some are shy, some are bold, some warm, some frosty. Whatever category yours fall under I would love to get to know them.
If you want to see my own cats you can view them on the Cat Care London gallery, as I have used their services many times and highly recommend the care my little ones receive (you will find them under Pixel, Pablo and Bella).

My partner Shane also lived in the country and spent many happy years with a multitude of childhood pets. Hopelessly devoted to our own motley crew, he is delighted to be able to give special attention to yours.

To be part of a team of wonderful carers it gives us great satisfaction. We know from personal experience that Cat Care London ensures your cat gets the care it needs, and the cuddles it deserves.”







Sabina Webber started working as a Cat Sitter for Cat Care London in November 2005

She offers Cat Sitting in North London N16 Stoke Newington and Shacklewell

I came to London as a student many years ago and loved it so much, I stayed! Since then I’ve always lived in North London and have been living in Stoke Newington since 1993.

Cats have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember; the first, an abandoned kitten, setting a pattern for the rest, who have all been rescued from one situation or another!

So when my husband and I bought our first home together, I felt it wouldn’t be a real home without a cat and we adopted Cleo from the Cat Protection League (that’s her in the photo – she’s a bit camera-shy!). She now very kindly lets us share our home with her!

Working from home as a part-time, freelance desktop publisher means I have lots of free time and I look forward to making and caring for lots more furry friends.








Simon Camuffo started working as a Cat Sitter for Cat Care London in July 2011

He offers Cat Sitting in the Clerkenwell EC1N area



I grew up in the north Essex countryside and animals always played a large part in my life. My family provided homes to many rescue animals and I grew up surrounded by donkeys, goats, pigs, ducks, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and our six cats.

I now live and work in Central London, but have continued my love for animals for the last five years with my partner as part-time petsitters and, of course, not forgetting our two guinea-pigs.

I welcome the opportunity to look after your pets and you can rest assured that they will by well cared for during your time away.







Sunitha Amos
started working as a Cat Sitter for Cat Care London in December 2013


She offers Cat Sitting in East London E10, Leyton, Walthamstow and sourounding areas

I am a huge lover of all animals, especially cats having two of my own. I have grown up around animals throughout my life and am in the process of changing my career to work with them on a professional level.

I currently volunteer at The Mayhew Animal Home twice a week spending one full day in their cattery working with rescue cats. I also volunteer on Sunday mornings at The Celia Hammond Trust caring for the 200+ cats in her care. I have also volunteered in Thailand working at an animal sanctuary for street cats and dogs, working alongside vets from all over the world.

I am in the process of starting studies to eventually become a veterinary nurse.

I adore cats and would relish looking after anyone’s as my own. You can feel very safe leaving your cats in my hands!





Susan Kissun started working as a Cat Sitter for Cat Care London in February 2014

She offers Cat Sitting in North London N1 Islington, N7 Holloway, N5 Highbury, Cannonbury, Kingsland, N16 Stoke Newington, Shacklewell and sourounding areas

I am 45 years of age with 4 grown up children, and have worked for the past 13 years as a residential children's worker with children that have special need's and learning disabilities.

Ever since I can remember I have had a special bond with animals especially cats.

I have had one or more cats at a time in my life, my family all take about the way I have an empathy with animal's and was always saying I should work in that field, I was always helping out at the city farm near where I lived and mucking out the stables.

I am a relied upon family and friend to always help out if the family friends are away and I am really looking forward to getting to know and spoiling your purry friend too!





Susan Stowell started working as a Cat Sitter for Cat Care London in June 2005

She offers Cat Sitting in North London
NW6, Brondesbury, Kilburn,
South Hampstead

I have lived in North London most of my life, except when I moved to Cheltenham for a while when I was younger, and had a great job there as a live-in Carer for two beautiful dogs, one a Samoyed and the other an Alsatian .When their mum and dad moved abroad, I came back to London because I missed my Family and the City. Back in London I became Homecare for the Elderly, and still do some Homecare work.

At the moment my immediate Family consist of my husband Chris a B.T engineer and my Cat Smudge who I’ve had since she was a kitten, she is now twenty years old and a real character, I swear she’s got half a dozen human expressions. She still plays with balls and I often hear them in the early hours being kicked about.

I have always had animals in my life since childhood, Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, Rabbits, Birds, Mice and even a Rat.
I feel so lucky to be able to have a job working with all these little characters and looking forward to looking after them.
If I look after your Pet, you can be sure that I will take as much care with them as if they were my own.










EC1, Clerkenwell, Finsbury, Hoxton, St Lukes
EC2, Shorditch
E3, Mile End, Bow, Bromley-by-Bow, Old Ford
E5, Clapton, Hackney Marshes, Lea Bridge, Lower Clapton, Upper Clapton
E8, Hackney, Dalston, Kingland
E9, Victoria Park
E10, Leyton, Walthamstow

N1, Angel, Barnsbury, Canonbury, Clerkenwell, De Beauvoir Town, Hoxton, Islington, Pentonville, Shoreditch
N4, Finsbury Park, Manor House,

N5, Highbury
N6, Highgate
N7, Holloway
N8, Crouch End, Hornsey, Turnpike Lane, Stroud Green
N10, Muswell Hill
N11, Friern Barnet
N13, Palmers Green
N14, Southgate
N15, West Green, Seven Sisters
N16, Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington, Shacklewell
N18, Edmonton
N19, Hornsey Rise, Archway, Tufnell Park,
N20, Friern Barnet, Whetstone
N21, Grange Park
N22, Wood Green, Alexandra Palace,
NW1, Regents Park, Camden Town
NW2, Brondesbury, Cricklewood, Neasden,
NW3, Hampstead, Swiss Cottage
NW5, Kentish Town
NW6, West Hampstead, Kilburn, Queens Park,
EN1, Enfield, Enfield Town

SW19 / SW18, Southfields
WC2 West End

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